Developing a spirit of invitation

Pastor-note-year- 2022

The “New Evangelization” promoted by Popes JPII, Benedict and Francis reveals a new paradigm for evangelization focusing on “New Ardour”, “New Method” and “New Expression”. This new paradigm contemplates spiritual transformation of the “churched” to the level of “intentional discipleship”. This concept requires the development on the part of the disciple of an intimate personal relationship with God that results in the disciple committing their entire life to Jesus much like Simon Peter, James and John did in lowering their nets to become fishers of men and women. This process would be Step 1 in the move to Mission as the active participation of intentional disciples in evangelization is key in an effective outreach to the “un-churched”. Step 2 requires an outreach to the un-churched based upon “relationships” that the disciple has with his or her family, friends, acquaintances and work mates. These relationships become “bridges of trust” for the un-churched as the compassion, integrity, warmth and joy of the disciple influences the un-churched friend, family member, acquaintance or work mate who is curious about the role that Jesus plays in the life of the disciple. Curiosity can develop into “openness” and ultimately into “faith”. 

St Joseph’s at their 2017 Annual General Meeting resolved to move from Maintenance to Mission and that process in now underway with our 2018 “Outreach Programs” described in this “website” under “Events”. Our move to Mission means, among other things, that we will view our community activities through the lens of intentional discipleship. The emphasis will be on spiritual transformation [pursuing the Sacred], both within the community and without. All of our endeavors will either flow from this new reality or flow into it.